Spicy Honey


Introducing locally made Spicy Honey, a tantalizing blend of golden sweetness and a subtle kick of cayenne pepper. Crafted to perfection, this condiment strikes the ideal balance between heat and honeyed goodness, creating a versatile flavor enhancer for your culinary adventures.

Perfect Harmony:

Experience the symphony of flavours as the natural sweetness of honey harmonizes with the gentle warmth of cayenne. It's not overpowering but precisely calibrated to elevate your dishes with a delightful, spicy twist.

Versatile Culinary Companion:

Transform your culinary creations with a drizzle of Spicy Honey. Glaze grilled chicken or shrimp, mix it into marinades, or use it as a dipping sauce for appetizers. This condiment effortlessly complements both savory and sweet dishes, offering a dynamic taste experience.

Subtle Heat, Sweet Treat:

Feel the gentle warmth that cayenne imparts, adding depth to the honey's richness. It's a match made in culinary heaven – a touch of spice that enhances the overall flavour profile without overshadowing the sweetness.

Creative Culinary Adventures:

Unleash your creativity in the kitchen by experimenting with Spicy Honey. From a unique pizza drizzle to a bold addition to cocktails, this condiment invites you to explore new taste horizons and delight your senses.

Unleash the Flavour:

Whether you're a spice enthusiast or just looking to elevate your dishes, our Spicy Honey promises a journey of taste that is both bold and refined. Discover the perfect balance of sweetness and heat in every drop – it's not just honey; it's a culinary revelation.

Manitoba made by Youngest Son Beekeeping